Dhruv Garg

lifelong student and creator


I like to build niche apps which serve a functional purpose. All my projects are inspired by the desire to solve a problem I am personally facing or help an audience that I deeply care about. I aspire to live humbly off my creations and backpack the world with my laptop, Kindle, and running shoes. Until then, I am loving NYC.

Current Projects

ParrotRead: Book recommendations from people you follow and respect on Twitter.

SeatGeek: An easier and cheaper way to find tickets for live events.

Previous Projects

Tenuto.fm: Search engine to help vocalists find and purchase instrumentals for their songs.

Twitter: The heartbeat of the world.

Beam: Automatically classifying incoming emails into smart topical mailing lists.



"It's not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential." -- Bruce Lee